Breaking Fashion Boundaries: Discover the Versatile Ways to Wear a Formal Shirt

Breaking Fashion Boundaries: Discover the Versatile Ways to Wear a Formal Shirt

A formal shirt is an essential piece of fashion that is an ideal look for both professional as well as personal events. Previously, men chose to wear formal shirts precisely only to work, while casual affairs were subjected to other types of clothing. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of formal shirts for men offering new styling ideas.

We have always acknowledged formal shirts as the epitome of elegance and pure professionalism. There's no better feeling than donning a crisp, neatly ironed cotton formal shirt for men that perfectly fits the body! It boosts inner confidence as well as prepares you to face the world no matter what!

Having a wide array of formal wear shirts in your wardrobe is a must for every millennial as it proves to be your reliable companion to office meetings as well as after-work parties with colleagues or friends.

When it comes to wearing formal shirts, we often visualize solid color shirts. However, as per the revolutionary fashion trends, a modern gentleman prefers to create fusion by wearing a single shirt differently. Formal shirts for men trending in 2023 are stylish, funkier and mostly in lesser-known colors and patterns.

At Aldeno, we are finally spilling the beans on how to wear classic formal shirts for men without compromising on your style and comfort. Let’s explore!

Insider Tips to Master the Art of Wearing a Formal Shirt in Various Styles 

1. Formal Blazer and Tie for the Win

Formal Blazer and Tie for the Win

If you are a corporate hustler, then donning a full formal look becomes easier by pairing the formal shirt for men with a blazer and tie. This look gives off a completely professional vibe. Mostly, to create a fully-fledged look, we suggest you choose Aldeno’s printed white shirt with full sleeves. When curating this style, make sure that your shirt is neatly tucked in with the collar and sleeves buttoned.

In today’s time, the trend of wearing ties has become less popular these days, however, there’s nothing wrong with wearing one for a change. It is recommended for the young gentlemen doing 9 to 5, to have a few basic ties in their wardrobe for such rare occasions. If needed, you always have the option to remove the tie for a casual appearance.

2. Sweater and Shirt Combination

Wearing a shirt and sweater may look straightforward, but there are certain styling tips that you should know before experimenting with this look. You can pair both casual as well as formal shirts with a bright-coloured sweater, especially during the early days of the winter season.

You can choose an Aldeno Solid Formal Blue Shirt and pair it with any neutral color sweater like grey, black or off-white. To confidently wear a shirt with a sweater, start with folding the collar and properly tucking the shirt under the trousers for a more polished look. Once done, simply add the layer of your sweater. For a more unique look, you can also try a sweater design with an open front.

Whether you are at work, in an interview or at a dinner party, it is essential to keep your shirt tucked for a clean and neat look. This is a non-negotiable rule that should be followed without any question. Having the lower end of the shirt hanging below the hemline of the sweater looks very shabby. Furthermore, never make the mistake of tucking the sweater in the pants.

3.Formal Shirt Styled with Jeans 

Formal Shirt Styled with Jeans

Fun fact- wearing a formal shirt with denim jeans will drive your woman crazy! But that doesn’t mean that you can pair up your favorite denim jeans with any type of formal shirt. Wearing a fully buttoned shirt with any type of jeans can result in a mismatch. To escape any such awkward appearance, go for straight-cut jeans that neither look baggy or skinny.

Also when wearing a formal shirt with jeans, choose to keep it untucked because it offers a casual look. However, make sure that the shirt length is right. The ideal length for any type of formal shirt design is the bottom of the pelvis area. Any shirt design that exceeds this point looks shabby.

The key secret to confidently pulling up this type of look is to wear dark-colored fitted jeans with sneakers or ankle-length boots and a plain-colored formal shirt for men with rolled-up sleeves.

4. Formal Shirt with Khaki Shorts

The scorching heat and rise in the temperature have undeniably embarked on the arrival of summer weather which also means people are preferring to wear shorts instead of full-length pants. However, while wearing knee-length shorts, it is important to know what to pair.

While khaki or denim shorts both look equally versatile and feel comfortable, it is still important to work on what to wear on the upper body part.

Your best bets are a classic white formal shirt for office wear as they are fashion staples for all types of looks and go with everything! Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Final Thoughts

formal shirts for men

The secret to flaunting unique versions of styling is all about playing with creativity. It’s your chance to mix and match clothes into attire that strongly reflects your personality. Formal shirts are typically paired with formal trousers or suits, however, no hard and fast rule says they can’t be paired with any other alternative. To learn more about unleashing your creativity with formal shirts for men, visit our website!                         

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